How can I become a medium?

What is the easiest way to develop psychic gifts? How does spirit first come through? What are the signs I’m a medium?

We get a lot of questions about psychic and mediumship, and how ordinary people can develop your extraordinary spiritual gifts. Here are a few good resources!

1. Watch Monica Ten Kate (Monica the Medium) describe how she recognizes her own unique abilities. She went from an ordinary college student at Penn State, to a world famous, and TV celebrity medium in just a few years!

2. Check out our private psychic development courses and community here!

3. Read Michael Martin’s “How to Talk to Spirits” a practical guide to communicating with the other side.

Of course, there are lots of other ways to develop, enhance and extend your own spiritual gifts and proclivities. Meditation, for example, is an easy way to dissolve the distance between this world and the next, and get a first hand taste at how ALL experience is much more connected than we ordinarily realize in our everyday waking, walking around awareness. 😉

Have questions? Feel free to ask in the community comments below!


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