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What happens between lives? Where do we go? Who do we see? What is it like before we come back?

Carol Bowman has done some amazing work with past life regression, small children, and advancing some interesting and inspiring ideas about what happens between lifetimes.

Watch the video here – and let us know what YOU believe about what happens between lifetimes.

An important part of the past life regression session occurs after going through the past life “death,” and into a virtual after-life experience.  No matter what was recalled in the past life story, going through the death is a distinct shift in consciousness—an altered state within an altered state of consciousness.  You experience yourself as a soul consciousness, outside of time and detached from your past or present personality.

In this superconscious state, many surprising things can happen:

You can objectively review the past life just experienced, and gain a sense of understanding of lessons learned in that lifetime, and what thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations may have carried forward from that life into the present.   If more than one lifetime is recalled during the session, general soul patterns can be observed, shedding tremendous insight into where you’ve been and where you’re  going in your journey through incarnations.


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