Who is the best medium on TV? Is tyler henry a better medium than Theresa Caputo? Does it matter? And who is even asking?

Apparently…there is quite a back stage drama between the two high flying celebrity mediums, with Tyler Henry not being anywhere near as famous as the Long Island Medium (just yet) and some in TV land say there is some bad blood between them. Is there room enough in this world for 2 super famous celebrity mediums? I guess we’re about to find out….as the Hollywood Medium returns to TV in a few weeks, and looks to become the TOP psychic show on the tube!

Read more at the link following the short excerpt below.

Sorry, Teresa Caputo! Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry is heading into season three and RadarOnline.com has exclusively learned that he’s ready to prove he’s the only real deal reality TV psychic!

Caputo launched the psychic show genre on TLC in 2011, as the Long Island Medium. Six years later, Henry doesn’t think of her as his competition, the source said.

According to a source close to Henry, “He is not at all bothered by her!”

“Tyler isn’t worried about her stealing his spotlight at all.”

In fact, Henry previously claimed in his memoir, Between Two Worlds: Lessons From the Other Side, that Caputo may have ripped off his own TV show idea!

“We all sat around a table to discuss some ideas for growing my business, including pitching a possible TV show,” he wrote in his book, which was released on Nov. 1, 2016.



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