What happens when Tyler Henry sits down with Jana Kramer on this season of The Hollywood Medium?

Here is a fascinating reading where we noticed a few key things:

1 – Jana Kramer seems fairly resistant to what Tyler is seeing…and is expressive about her reluctance to commit to what is coming through. (a good thing in any psychic or medium experience, as you don’t want to give up your clear headedness just out of a desire to believe)

2 – There IS an uncanny amount of information coming through for Jana’s good friend who is sitting in the back room….which is a bit difficult to explain away as pure chance. (the specificity of the information Tyler serves up here is pretty impressive, as is his commitmtent to continue to convey what he is getting, even whilst Jana resists)

3 – Man, is he sweating! Anyone else find it interesting how much Tyler sweats during his medium readings? There are some interesting theories about this around the web (not Tyler alone, but ALL mediums who have physiological reactions to connecting with “spirit”.

What do YOU believe? Are you impressed with this session with Jana Kramer, or do you think that her friends mom coming through, is just a good excuse for a bad reading? Let us know on Facebook, or in the community comments below.

NOTE: if the video isnt’ rendering above, you can watch it in full at the link below:


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