Should I call an online psychic? If so….what should i expect? How do phone psychics differ from a psychic I may find on YELP, or in my local community? Is there a difference…and if not, why not?

We get a lot of questions about online psychics and whether or not they are as accurate as a reader you may find closer to you, or on a site like YELP, or Craigslist or Angieslist or some similar directory style site.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to online psychics, and telephone psychic services overall.

1 – All psychic readings should be looked at through the prism and perspective of entertainment, and an alternative angle of solving a problem, making a decision or exploring the magic and mystery of the unknown. Through that perspective (which is what we certainly advise, especially for the curious but not yet convinced) ANY honest, authentic and well meaning spiritual service can be a very rewarding experience. (check out Psychic Source here for more)

2 – If you are dealing with a traumatic loss, or looking for a medium reading (to explore the idea of life after death, as it pertains specifically to someone you’ve lost who has “crossed”) I don’t really recommend online psychic readings, or phone psychic services, as a helpful way of exploring this idea. (as it can be a bit too abstract, in our experience, to have a “hotline” sort of service when you need genuine guidance, or are dealing with grief, or need a really personal touch)

3 – Do your due dillegence. Not all psychic services are created equal. We have recommended Psychic Source for years, (for those looking for instant readings by phone) and have had very good reviews from our audience, and lots of great experiences shared with us after the call. That doesn’t mean they are perfect, or better than someone you may find on YELP, or at a spiritualist church, etc. It simply means, they are trustworthy, and aren’t going to take advantage of you when you seek out spiritual guidance through their network of consultants/advisors and healers.

What say you? Have you had an outstanding experience with a psychic service, or online community? Or maybe you’ve been scammed by a psychic and want to emote. Share with us on FB, or in the community comments below!

(you can also get a great deal on a psychic source reading HERE, simply use our affiliate code (22759) and let them know we referred you, and they’ll hook you up as well!)


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