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What is the cost for a private appointment with Theresa Caputo? How long is the waiting list? How accurate is she in person? And how do I get in touch with the long island medium…..if I want to talk to her in person?

We get a lot of questions about Theresa Caputo, and appointments to see her in person. Your best bet is to contact her via her website, (where waiting times can be up to 2 years) or to reach out to her on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, where she is quite active.

Private readings? They can cost $400 or more, and can be done around her event schedule in local areas.

The best way to get a private reading with the Long Island Medium?

Go to one of her events!

She is appearing throughout the Country this Spring as part of her Good Grief book promotional tour…and many of our readers have had amazing experiences in the audience, while watching her work. (we are going to her North Florida appearance later this spring, so if you want to meet up, let us know!)

Here is an updated list of Theresa Caputo’s Live Appearances for 2017.


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  • How long will it take for me to get a appointment? Also how much would it be? If you have a group is the reading longer and what about the cost on a group. Do you come to us or do we come to you?? We need your help!! Please help!!

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