Does Theresa Captuo do private readings? How much does she charge? How long does it take to get an appointment with the Long Island medium? And what is the best way of contacting Theresa if I have a spiritual emergency?

We get a ton of questions about private appointments with Theresa Caputo,and these continue to get more and more frequent, as media and TV exposure increases for her new book (and tour) this spring.

(Theresa’s new book is called “Good Grief” and if you can order it (or pre-order it if you are reading this before mid March) on Amazon here.

So here are some facts about making a private appointment with Theresa Caputo that we have learned through hundreds of comments, emails and a little bit of insider information 😉

1 – Her waiting list, not all that surprisingly……is SUPER long. Many folks who have commented on our psychic medium directory community have told us that they’ve waited as long as 18 months without a response after submitting a private reading request on her official website here.

2 – The good news? Theresa IS doing a tour to support her new book, and will be appearing in cities across the US throughout 2017. We have a number of readers who are going as a group to her events in Florida this spring – if you want details on this, let us know!

3 – The best way to get a private reading with Theresa, in our estimation, in 2017, is to attend one of her events and do your best to get picked. There are a number of ways you can do this, both spiritually minded (which we will share with your privately if you want to know what others are doing) and of course, more practical minded as well. (getting tickets closer to the stage, attending VIP events at her shows, and so forth)

4 – Private reading costs, from our understanding (and this is speculative to some degree and seems to change) run north of $500.

5 – While this IS expensive, there are certainly more expensive mediums than Theresa Caputo. (George Anderson, another long island based medium who is very low key, and much lesser known but exceptionally gifted, charges several thousand dollars per reading)

6 – Follow Theresa Caputo on Twitter! Why? She is active, engaged and often runs contests that reward followers with all sorts of cool spiritual swag! (including free tickets, VIP events, and presumably, private sessions with her as well)

7 – If you can’t get an appointment to see Theresa for months, years or at all? Don’t sweat! There are many gifted mediums, living in every city, state, country and small town throughout the world….and many are as impressive to us, (if not more so) than Theresa Caputo. Also don’t forget that the VAST majority of spiritually transformative experiences don’t take place with a medium or psychic,but instead….with ordinary people who have amazing, inspiring and uplifting experiences with spirit on their own – often unexpectedly. This is where the REAL power lies – each and every one of us has the ability to experience the gift of “ethereal” realms with practice, and this is the ONE gift that keeps giving!

What do YOU think? Share your experiences with Theresa Caputo events or appointments below, or visit us on FB to see what others say as well!


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