Are past lives true? How can I tell if I’m remembering a past life, instead of a bad memory, or an overactive imagination? Is past life regression the BEST way to prove that past lives are real? If not….why not, and what is?

Some of the very best evidence for reincarnation, and past lives, and the idea of karma overall does NOT come from hypnotic regression or past life memories at all. Instead, it comes from spontaneous memories from small children, who can describe, in great detail……things from previous historical personalities that they couldn’t know on their own.

Check out some of the amazing work done by Dr. Jim Tucker at the University of Virginia if you want to see some incredible and evidential past life stories that will blow your mind.

Alternatively, if you have a more academic bent, check out some of the books written by Dr. Tucker’s mentor, Dr. Ian Stevenson, for some of the most compelling (and little known) documentation on thousands of small children who have had past life memories (inlcuding many who have birthmarks and scars that coorespond with the previous people they remember “being”). Very cool stuff for sure! What about you? Do YOU believe in past lives? Share your thoughts on our forum, or on our FB page as well!


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