What happens to our pets when they die? Do dogs and cats go to “Heaven”? If not….why not? And where else would they go?

We get a lot of questions about how life after death affects our more furry family members, who to many of us, are as important and as loved as their human counterparts. But what happens to our pets after death? Is there one single answer that makes sense to all?

Here is the truth about what we’ve learned while reading many stories, and talking to countless people who have had spiritually transformative experiences that included their furry friends.

1 – If you believe in the concept of a soul (which most people reading this certainly do) there is nothing illogical or unusual about extending that belief to ALL living creatures who are self aware, and who can feel and offer love.

2 – Regardless of what skeptics, cynics or even some religious dogma’s teach, there are literally hundreds of thousands of rich, detailed after death communication experiences that include pets. This includes near death experiences, psychic medium readings where a particular pet comes through in vivid detail, apparitional experiences where pets appear, and far too many other types to count. If there is ANY one really good basis for believing that the same spiritual laws of the universe apply to our pets as much as they do to ourselves, I think that wisdom is found in these experiences. (because you don’t have to believe me, or believe a medium or believe a skeptic – you can simply judge the conviction of those who have HAD the experiences, and judge whether they are credible evidence, or not!)

Here is a simple experience of a man who was shot (in Estonia) and had a pretty vivid Near Death Experience, that included a very moving and transformative encounter with his childhood cat. I have spoken to hundreds of people who have shared these sorts of experiences with us – and they are very comforting to hear.

You can read the whole story at the link following the short excerpt below!

g me. His beautiful green eyes and long, luscious white fur. Suddenly, I realized I had hands. I was surprised by this. I picked up Elmar. While I held him, he purred. No longer did I feel cold. His fur completely warmed me up and I felt the energy of his love. It was just like old times. I began to cry in feeling of happiness. I could even smell him exactly the way he used to smell. I put him down, and could tell from his purring and rubbing up against me that I would be o.k., whether that meant returning to life or staying on this floating Island. Then, I realized Elmar’s eyes had the same look as I remembered when something got his attention. In one giant leap, he leaped off the island and into the horizon. I was alone.



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