How do Ouija boards work? Do they really provide a portal to the spirit world? Are ouija boards dangerous or evil? Can you become possessed by communicating with ghosts through a spirit board….or is that all a bunch of new age nonsense and spiritual silliness?

Here is the truth about Ouija boards that everyone reading this should know.

1. The vast majority of spooky stories that emanate from ouija adventures are most likely due to very common and ordinary human factors. (people who are moving the board accidentally, or intentionally for effect, wishful thinking, etc)

2. There IS a scientific explanation for much of the seemingly involuntary movement that arises during this experience, and it’s called the ideomotor effect. It is thought to explain the very subtle shifts in motion and energy that many experience while exploring the ouija, and then ultimately, how the planchette begins to move overall as well.

3. NO ONE that i’ve met who has had a very powerful life changing experience with a ouija board (and we’ve now spoken to many as part of the community) would truly believe that it was an unconcious movement on the part of the “players” that caused the planchette to move with such fierce focus and exuberant energy, making the “ideomotor effect” argument, sound MUCH better in theory, as a way to discount the magical and mysterious experience, than one that fits the vast majority of truly bizarre documented experiences with the board.

Most important? If you believe in spirits, and an afterlife, and believe there is a way for those who have crossed to communicate, it may simply be the act of opening up and being willing to explore the ethereal realms, that causes so much commotion and and activity, when using a ouija or spirit board to faciliate communication. In my view, like mentioned above, most of the time…..(like the video above) ouija experiences are just spooky spiritual silliness that a few people can enjoy together, while exploring old customs.

But in other experiences, like many I’ve had myself, they provide a wide window into a whole slew of other spiritual possibilities that are fun, exciting, insipiring and enlightening in more ways than one.

Have you had a crazy or cool ouija board story? Share with us in the forum, on our FB page, or in the community comments below.


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