An interview with psychic medium John Holland

Are you impressed with John’s description of the difference between psychics and mediums? Apparently many in the youtube comments on his various videos aren’t all that convinced..:-) John Holland is one of those mediums that I have mixed feelings about. I’ve seen him do some readings that I’ve found impressive, and a few of his TV appearances on more “serious” shows that have examined the paranormal have been quite impressive as well. (i’m thinking of one in particular that I can’t quite remember, and yet…..he was tasked with locating some random people in NYC with very little to go on, and did quite well)

And yet, there is something hokey and a bit too car sales-y about John Holland as well, with his constant self promotion, the cruise ship style lounge act shows, and his seemingly glib understanding of much of the science “& emerging neurobiology that underpins serious psychical research. (and that folks like Dr. Eben Alexander, Dr Raymond Moody and many more serious parapsychologists seems to intuitively understand, and at least address in their work)

Are we being too harsh? Are John Holland’s many youtube critics off the mark? Have you had a reading with John…..and want to share a review? Let us know on our Facebook page, or in the community comments below.


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