Does everyone have a soulmate? How will I know if I’ve met mine?

Can someone help me find my spiritual life partner, if I’m having a hard time locating them myself? And what if I’m already IN a serious relationship, but not sure if the person I’m living with, is actually the RIGHT person for me?

Any of this sound familiar? The truth is, we get a lot of questions about love, relationships, karma and spiritual soulmates. One of our readers, just posted on our FB page that she spoke to her Rabbi about the idea of “Twin Flames”, or the Jewish idea of two souls that are born to meet and be together, and less than a week later, she met the man that she would marry in a matter of months. (and they’ve been together almost 10 years, according to her inspirational story)

So what do YOU believe about soul mates? Do we all have one? Or, is the idea that there is one perfect person out there for you just new age nonsense or spiritual silliness?

Check some of of our recommended resources on soulmates and finding your karmic companion.

First, read what Tori Spelling told one of our sponsored readers earlier this year about her OWN journey to find true love.

Check out what Lifehacker has to say about finding YOUR soulmate, with a list of 18 ways to tell if you’ve met your spiritual second half….and if not, how to find him (or her)

16. You would marry each other again.
You know this is the one and only one for you. Even through the tough times, you would choose your partner again. You feel a sense of pride in your partner.

17. You complete each other.
Yes, I’m sorry to say it but, your partner fills in your blanks. No person is perfect. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. Soulmates complete each other. It’s the yin and yang of perfect harmony. One person may be the extrovert, while one is the introvert. One may be social, while the other a homebody. Soulmates are often opposite that are attracted to a person who has their missing pieces.

18. Being in each other’s arms washes away all your stress, worries, and anxiety.

Last, for those of you who have a more scientific or psychological bent, check out the article on soulmates and spiritual life mates from psychcentral, a much more “skeptical” source that explores the idea from a more pragmatic point of view.

Lastly, feel free to take a soulmate quiz HERE.

You never know who may be waiting for you, IF you are courageous enough to look!


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