Are psychic powers common? Do we all have some level of precognitive ability, or ESP, or the innate talent to see or hear spirits in other dimensions? Why do so many people seem to have extraordinary experiences that seem to suggest the paranormal or psychic gifts are real, whereas others…..claim it’s ALL new age nonses?

In this article we are going to take a look at psychic powers, and see if we can’t figure out exactly what they are. The simple truth is that there exists NO topic that I can think of with so much myth and misinformation surrounding it…..and for a subject that is SO exciting and potentially life changing for all of us, I can’t think of a better one to learn! So continue reading as we examine the magical powers of the mind, and the psychic potentials that exist in all of us! Read on..:-)

What are Psychic Powers?

Everyone has their own unique definition – mine would be this: Any transfer of information that cannot be explained by conventional understanding of brain activity. Mental abilities, or aspects of the “mind” that transcend the normal senses – and abilities that SOME people demostrate that defy our present understanding of human potentials.

What are some of the Psychic Powers that I’m referring to?

Of course EVERYONE knows about psychic readings…but I’m talking about SO much more! Remote viewing, astral travel, near death experiences, crisis or death bead apparitions…and list just goes on and on. For people who are willing to learn, there is a phenomenal and rich history of unexplainable phenomenon that simply transcends ANYTHING that scientists believe is true about our true nature, and I find that incredibly exciting. ( and I’m betting you do too!)

How Can You Develop YOUR Psychic Powers?

Very simple! Practice..:-) I work with all kinds of exciting stuff, the easiest way to get started is through meditation and the magic of “mind music” that will take you to another place altogether. That’s where I started and and so too can you!


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