How much does Tyler Henry charge for a reading? What is the cost to see him in a small group setting, or in private? And how long is his waiting list as well?

We get a fair amount on inquiries into private readings with Tyler Henry….what he charges, where he’s going to be event wise, and how accurate his private readings are as well.

The truth is, we don’t know much more than you do! Tyler DOES do a lot of social media, and does answer a lot of reader questions in live Q and A sessions on Facebook as well, which does make him relatively unique amongst high profile celebrity mediums. (some of whom do very LITTLE free social media, and treat their public persona MUCH more like a business…..or brand, than Tyler seems to, which makes him endearing to his fans, friends and professional peers alike)

The best way to get in touch with Tyler Henry?

Reaching out to him on Twitter, or via private message on Facebook…..or on his other social media feels like the best way IF (and only if) you aren’t getting a reply from the contact forms provided on his website.

IF you’ve had a private reading with Tyler, feel free to leave us a review below – or share on our facebook page here.

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  • I need your help Tyler please I am desperate I don’t know what’s going on in my life and I truly believe what I see on your show please help me please

  • Hi Tyler. I just wanted to connect with my best friend and my god mother. I am super lonely with out my best friend.!!
    Please help me.. thankyou..

  • Hey Tyler I need help bad my son got killed n 2009 & I haven’t got any Closer now it tear my family apart when we was 1big family I need yo help I can only stay strong for so long please help me its mess up my whole life

  • Hello and God Bless Tyler;
    My husband needs your help. He has only pictures of her..his mother. I don’t have to tell you how important a reading from you would be.
    He watched your show this evening and said he wished you could read for him.
    Have a wonderful and blessed day.
    Mrs. J. Andresen

  • I would like to set up a session with Tyler, but first of all need at least a ballpark figure for such a session. I would also would like to know how long the list is. Thank you very much

    • Hi Debra! As I pointed out to Maria above – take a look at Tyler’s social media directly – he is active on Twitter, FB and Instagram and it will greatly increase your odds of getting a personal response. (or look at the “bookings” tab on his site) Hope you get a reading, and remember, there are many other mediums who are affordable, gifted, skilled and healing, and you can probably find a really great one near you who would love to help) Visit our FB page ( as there are lots of others who do great work, and work in local communities around the globe. Best – Ian

  • Hi i love ur show Tyler Henry i need closher. Im missing my daddy alot he passed on to heavens n i cry n cry all the time asking why did he leave me he was young. .. I cant let him go i wanna know if hes k were hes at is he with me all the time plz his anniversary coming up plz help

    • Hi Maria! So sorry to hear about your dad! Check out Tyler’s social media directly – he is active on Twitter, FB and Instagram and it will greatly increase your odds of getting a personal response. (or look at the “bookings” tab on his site) Hope you get a reading, and remember, there are many other mediums who are gifted, skilled and healing, and you can probably find a really great one near you who would love to help!)

  • Hi Tyler, I just wanted to say that I think you’re a blessing to a lot of people and you’re a remarkable human-being. I’m gonna be honest, it would be such a HUGE blessing to meet you and ask you a few questions. First, in 1997 my mom’s little brother died at 17 he was shot and killed and to this day no one has taken the responsibility for his death. I was VERY close to him. Also, my aunt which is my mom’s sister and my mom’s mom both died of Cancer at a young age. In 2015 at the age of 38 years old I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer & a mutation in my genes that they don’t know what type of mutation it is. It was treated aggressively! I’m very concern because both my aunt & grandmother got it twice & the 2nd time they got it, they unfortunately passed away. I REALLY wanna know if they have a message for me. My aunt and my mom’s little brother have appeared to me in a “dream” I would like to know what does my future hold for me and/or what are they’re trying to tell me? Please Tyler, I would not ask you because I know that you’re a very busy person but if you can help me with this I was so greatly appreciate it with all my heart thank you in advance! Love always, Mimi

    • Hi Mimi! Hope you stay healthy and strong! As we’ve been telling some other folks who are leaving messages, your best bet to get a response is to reach out to Tyler on his social media channels directly – twitter/fb/instagram – or his website, where there is a bookings/contact link! Stay well! 🙂

      • Good Day Tyler im Ritha from Mozambique i love your show i wish some how you can hlp me out connect with my loves one i dont no how to do it as im not from your contry is there a way for me to do this

  • I want a private reading with Tyler Henry don’t care about the cost . My father just passed I need to know his soul went on. He was a brilliant man but didn’t believe in God. I need to know he is at peace so I can be at peace . Im extremely sensitive to spirit & have been since I was 2. Just need closure on a couple of fronts.

  • Hi Tyler I’m not a celebrity but I believe in you my brother in law passed 5 months ago my sister haven’t been her self and her children’s the younger one is only 9 years old can you please help them with their heeling I really believe in you my e-mail is justasantiago83@yahoo hope to here from you my phone is 917-53#### (edited by admin)

    • Hey all – it’s never a good idea to leave your phone number in comments posted on the web! (for your own safety and security) please use Tyler’s contact on his website or social media to leave this sort of private information – rather than a site like ours! Thanks 🙂

  • hey tyler my mom really read to smithvlle tx 401 lynch street here number call home 15#### (edited out by admin for security)

  • I need to know my daughter is alright, that she knows I was at hospital when she passed. I’m having difficult time living without knowing these things. Please contact me.

  • Hello I was a home health aide for 7 yrs met a lot of great people, would love to hear from them and my mother ag66

    • I lived in southern ca. For a number of years. I can return there for a reading if needed. My friends live in Laguna Beach. I need a reading as soon as possible. My family is famous in biz not hollywood folk. Wr r from the midwest.. Just lost a loved one….drowning in sorrow….

  • LOL folks. Tyler does not read this, you are not reaching him. I’m sure Ian here is getting really tired of having to tell you to contact Tyler. I clicked this site wondering about his fees because I think it’d be interesting to see what he read on me. I’m writing a novel that has a medium in it and Tyler’s show….where he seems legitimate over these super hyped up almost Televangelist types….helped me to know just how much my medium can be capable of reading, and how quickly. My medium told my protag he knows she’s dead. Over email. So. Tyler Henry….not here. Reach Tyler Henry at HIS places, he seems nice. And obviously extremely busy so good luck with that. Geez I imagine it wears down on that kid, he’s probably going to go prematurely grey. I like him though, and I am a huuuuuge skeptic. Now that I see how bombarded he must be, I won’t try to contact him. Newp. Which means I won’t go to ANY clairvoyant because he’s literally the only one (sans ghost hunting shows) I’ve ever seen that I can believe in. Not pessimistic, just throwing a bone toward a field I have issues trusting.

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