Which psychics got the election right? Did anyone predict Trump would become president? If not…..WHY not?

One of the really amusing things to watch after the election, is how many high profile psychic or spiritual teachers, luminaries and thought leaders got the election SO wrong….that it’s pretty embarrassing to re-see in retrospect. As we run a number of communities of psychics, mediums and well known “future tellers” of one type or another, it’s very revealing to see how SURE so many were….and how WRONG they ultimately became with their words and wisdom, as it pertains to the election.

I think it’s pretty important to understand that very, very few REAL psychics will try to predict the future in this way. I say “real” psychics in quotes, simply because there are many people who have an enlightened and envlivened intuition about the way future events unfold, but you’ll rarely see them proclaim so loudly, and with such certitude, what they see, feel or understand will unfold.

(plus the type of psychic intuition that is most well studied and understood relates to human energy between people, or in groups, and has very little to do with “predicting” future events like celebrity romances, or election outcomes – otherwise, they’d all be card players, gamblers and lottery winners and not making predictions on youtube 🙂

Here is a good example of that phenomena at work – psychic medium Danielle Egnew makes a BIG and bold proclomation about how Trump could never win, and then pontificates about why not (which was at the time, merely a statement of the OBVIOUS, as everyone under the sun expected Hillary to win, no need to be psychic to “predict” that at the time) and then when he does win, she has to backtrack in some way in the comments section of the video. (by disabling the conversation under the guise of not fostering arguing)

As someone who sees a fair amount of this sort of cringeworthiness – it’s no fun to watch. There are, in fact, many people who predicted Donald Trump would win, and some well known psychics/mediums are among them. We’ll show some of those interviews here, but in the meantime, how do YOU react when you see a psychic get something SO wrong, with SUCH confidence, (often something VERY obvious at the time – e.g. – Clinton was favored by 90% + of political professionals) – do you LOSE confidence that psychic predictions are real – or do you just lost confidence in the specific people who got it so wrong?

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