Is Psychic Source Credible?

How will I know if a psychic is the real deal? Is there a single question I can ask…..or a quiz I can try to see if someone is truly psychic, or is it ALL just a big guessing game?

We get a ton of questions about phone psychic networks and readings, simply because they are the most affordable way to get psychic advice from home. They aren’t always the OPTIMAL solution for people who want to explore psychic phenomena, but if you are looking for inexpensive entertainment and need INSTANT answers to your biggest life challenges, a phone reading can be a great way of doing just that. (without waiting days, weeks or even months to see or speak to a celebrity psychic or expensive spiritual teacher)

psychic source review
live psychic readings by phone – guaranteed to blow you away or you don’t have to pay!

A simple confession? Not only have we spoken to many of the best psychics, mediums and spiritual leaders working in the world today, I’ve personally tested many local readers by phone – and psychic networks as well – simply because they ARE so affordable, and the interest from our audience is that high.

And after close to 20 years of psychic writing, research and readings both for myself……as well as for paranormal and psychic publications online and off, I can tell you the ONLY real way to test a psychics credibility is by calling them yourself. (or seeing them in person if you’re curious about an OFFLINE clairvoyant)

In my experience, for example, Psychic Source (who we do have an advertising/affiliate relationship with) have been an amazing wellspring of enlightening information I’d be hard pressed to explain away as good guesses, or dumb luck. For me, the readings have been amazingly insightful, personally meaningful and very powerful.


Most good psychic readings work BEST on the basis of rapport. And connection. And an open exchange of information that feels natural, seamless, exciting and enlightening all at the same time. The best psychics make this connection the MOST often….without question. But, there have been plenty of times that I’ve gone to see an intuitive, or called one on the phone, after hearing amazing things from MY peers about their abilities….and haven’t gotten any insight, or information at all.

Zilch. Nada. A big disappointment for both of us. (often the reader is MORE frustrated than you are when this happens)

Your best bet to ensure you get a reading that’s NOT disappointing, even with the above being true?

Only call, visit or patronize psychic services that offer 100% money back guarantees. Look for services, or individual intuitives that offer short, low cost reading that help you VERIFY you have real rapport with the reader, before you blow your budget, waste too much time, or spend 60 minutes (and often, several hundred dollars!) on a reading that was bad to begin with….and only gets worse as you go…:-)

Psychic Source, for example, offers low cost first time trials…..and great guarantees as well. So do some other services on the market, and this is a great client protection that cannot be over stated, in terms of both importance…..and credibility to boot!

The bottom line?

No matter what I say, or what service I recommend, the ONLY real way to prove a reader is good, or right for you is to actually GET a reading. It may not be the most popular perspective in the world…but in my experience, it’s the ONLY one that’s really true!

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