What do psychics predict for the rest of the Trump Administration? Is the world about to come apart at the seams…and if so, what do we do?

We are getting A LOT of questions about psychic predictions about both the Trump presidency overall, as well as what many well known psychics are predicting for the larger world state overall, in the years to come.

UK psychic medium Craig Parker Hamilton has been uncannily accurate with many of his political predictions over the last couple years, including forecasting Brexit, the Trump presidency, and other geopolitical events that have come to pass.

Here are some of the things he sees for the next year, and a link to his site to a video where Craig tells us what he’s going on record to predict.

What do YOU believe about Craig Parker Hamilton and his uncanny record of BIG “hits” over the last year? Coincidence….or is he the real deal?

A crash in the Euro and Denmark and Italy leaving the EU.
Hillary Clinton’s resignation from politics after a release of documents.
A toxic or biological attack on a school in Europe.
North and South Korea becoming one country as Kim Jung-un is overthrown
A worldwide flu epidemic.
A political divide in America between east and west with riots and gun crimes soaring.
A large fire at the Houses of Parliament caused by “bad maintenance” not a terrorist attack .
Ancient Giant Squid making the news – found frozen in ice.
Assassination and kidnap attempt on the pope at the Vatican. Swiss guards killed.
He added: “I feel that 2017 and 2018 are the years when miraculous spiritual things will be revealed to the world as it finally breaks the yoke of the Age of Materialism.”



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