How accurate are phone psychics? Is there an advantage to getting a reading in person, over calling a psychic? What is the primary difference between a phone based psychic reading and one that you’d get in your local community, or even by calling someone you’ve seen before?

Any of these questions sound familiar? We get a ton of questions about how to best ensure your first, or next reading is as fun, accurate and insightful as it ought to be. In this article, we take a quick and easy look at 5 questions about telephone readings, and the best advice we’ve learned over the years.

Are phone readings as accurate as physically being there?

In principle, they should be, yes. As a matter of fact, the vast majority of more “serious” readers we speak to tell us they PREFER to talk to someone by phone, as there is much less background noise to filter out, during the reading itself.

What would be considered background noise, or a distraction to a psychic?

You! Everything about your size, shape, age, appearance, voice, posture, body language, facial expression and otherwise, can be a “tell” to a psychic or medium that they’d really PREFER not to have influence them, even if they try to ignore. The simple fact is, no matter how much myth and misinformation is out there regarding psychic or spiritual readings, the person is HUMAN, and is vulnerable and subject to the same ordinary judgements, influences and distractions that the rest of us are. A phone based reading successfully eliminates much of these elements, as you are “invisible” to the person on the other side of the line.

Why do mediums offer such “vague” information about our loved ones on the other side?

This comes up quite often, and is a great question to ponder. First, many really GOOD mediums offer very specific, very detailed and very “evidential” information that is the very definition of what you’d want to hear from a loved one, to PROVE they are still here. If that is your requirement, you may need to specifically look for (and wait to see) a medium who specializes in EVIDENTIAL readings.

That said, there are other mediums who are good, and honest…..but who do tend to provide information that is general, and while it’s healing and helpful, it can be perceived as disappointing by some. (especially if you are more skeptical or cynical, and hoping to hear very specific messages from your loved one, to prove the experience is real)

My feeling is this: You have to do what works best for YOU. If you need a quick connection and a feeling that your loved one is close, talking to a good, empathetic spiritual medium can provide hope and healing in a dark time. If you need a higher threshold of evidence to be convinced? You may need to wait a while to speak to a more expensive medium, with a longer waiting list, who specializes in deeper, more information rich, evidential sessions.

The net outcome is often the EXACT same thing of course. You FEEL like the weight of the world is off, and you feel inspired that your loved one is close. If your disposition is to be more skeptical though, those “feel good” readings can often not feel like enough, and you may want to wait to speak to someone who specializes in MORE “evidential” information, rather than less.

Phone readings can be EITHER evidential in a very detailed way, or helpful and healing in a very quick and direct inspirational way. As a general rule, a phone reading with a service is going to be lighter and more inspiring…whereas a reading with an evidential medium that you have to book months in advance, is going to be the one that is better suited for cynics, skeptics or the harder cases to convince.


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