Are free psychic readings a good deal? What about free tarot card psychic offers, or other super low cost spiritual services that sound too good to be true?

A lot of people are looking for inexpensive intuitive advice or even fun fortune telling types of readings and find a lot of joy in low cost (or free) tarot card services. There are tarot card games online that can also be fun…..but you ought to know that many of these services DO have ulterior motivations to up sell you on higher cost services.

So while it’s NOT a bad idea to get a free tarot reading, or to play tarot card games online if that’s your thing… do want to be a tad careful to ensure you don’t get snookered by an unethical offer as well.

Let’s take a quick peek at some good DO’s and DON’Ts when calling or visiting a psychic service. (especially ones that advertise themselves as 100% free)

DO do a little bit of due diligence before you call. Look for real reviews, from real people who have patronized that specific service in the past with good results. Remember, good psychics (and psychic services) have FANS. If there is no track record for a service… or no history to refer to, the likelihood is, they aren’t the real deal.

DON’T ever try a free reading without checking out the fine print.

DO be careful giving out your credit card or payment account information to a psychic service, and more specifically, to an individual, unaffiliated reader who is working for him or herself. While most LEGITIMATE psychic networks will require you to have a credit card to do a test or trial reading, there will be very clear terms and conditions in place that SHOULD (and often do) protect YOU.

That said…

DO check to see when the “free” part of the reading ends, and when the paid or premium part begins.

DON’T call psychic services who advertise 100% free readings, and don’t include any description of the terms or services that apply.

Read MORE at the link below!—The-Dos-and-Donts-for-Getting-Free-Psychic-Advice&id=8165154


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