Is Tyler Henry, the Hollywood Medium, a scam?

There has been a slew of negative publicity heaped on Tyler Henry (and The Hollywood Medium TV program) over the last few months, with a whole bunch of skeptical articles, cynical blog posts and accusatory information that claims Tyler Henry is a fraud.

The sad thing is, while there ARE in fact (no doubt) plenty of fake psychics and mediums working in the world today, the vast majority of articles I’ve read accusing Tyler of being a fake, are basing this opinion NOT on his readings……but on the underlying assumption that NO psychic abilities are possible, and NO spiritual dimension exists, therefore, he MUST be making it up.

The other thing I find deeply troubling is the common skeptical trope of claiming that Tyler must have “googled” the people who he is reading on camera, in advance of the session, to have gotten such accurate, evidential information that so impresses the folks who are sitting for the reading itself. This assumes that people are SO desperate to believe, that they are willingly NOT considering the obvious, or are part of the “scam” themselves, something that in our experience, very few people who are TRULY seeking closure, and healing, and help…..ever really do. (as a matter of fact, in OUR experience, most of the people who are looking for “proof” that their loved ones are still here, are amongst the most skeptical and careful about how much, or how little they’ll say, when seeing a medium)

That said, in this particular video, the guy being read DOES say a lot of stuff that any medium (or any ordinary human being) could use to interpret what happened, and who was lost, (who died) and even why….as this person on the Today show cast DOES in fact, provide a lot of details that most mediums ought to stop. (Tyler Henry, at least in this video, let’s him say too much for my liking, but that doesn’t mean it’s fake, and it certainly doesn’t support the argument that he “researched” these people prior to the reading itself. He would have had to know WHO was on staff – and who would be “behind the scenes” for this to take place – which in my experience in these situations, is rarely shared in advance)

Are there bad mediums who are doing cold reading? Of course there are. But if you believe that ALL psychics and mediums are fake – and that there is NO evidence for life after life – or that it’s possible for consciousness to continue on after the physical body is dead, you simply aren’t paying attention to the experiences of many millions of people – across a multitude of different types of phenomena (from near death experiences, to past life memories, to apparitions, to out of body experiences, to information reported by mediums, to evidence for ESP, to remote viewing and much, much more) – if this is your dogma, you ought not be telling the rest of us how EVERY psychic cheats – when there is no obvious evidence it’s happening.

Here is a long list of scientific studies and papers published on psychic phenomena every skeptic who says “there is NO evidence for psychic ability” really ought to browse, before they say, there is no evidence 🙂


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