Are you psychic? If so….HOW so? What type of psychic are you?

The truth is, we all have various intuitive gifts. Some of us are strong in areas that others are not. (even amongst professional psychics, mediums and clairvoyants, this is 100% true)

You may not THINK you are psychic, but in truth, we all have experiences that are deeply mysterious, and the more aware you are that they happen, the more these sorts of syncronicities, or even everyday experiences in expanded awareness, begin to occur.

Here is a quick psychic test from UK psychic medium Craig Hamilton Parker.

And below… can check out a series of psychic skills exercises, that can help you cultivate clairvoyance, and hone and refine your intuitive gifts.

Or……Want a quick read on becoming a medium, regardless of whether you have ever had a spiritual experience in the past? Check out “How to Talk to Spirits” on Amazon, right here!

Our classes vary all the time but some of the perennial topics we offer include:

  • Psychic Circles – practice clairvoyance and mediumship with a small group of beginners and advanced practitioners
    Enjoy Psychic Demonstrations – we also give free demonstrations of mediumship in the rooms.
    Tarot and Oracles – we often run classes about how to work with oracles interpret astrology and give readings.
    Spirituality and Discussion – we offer many classes about what the spirit world is like and how mediumship works.
    Meditation and Guided Visualisation – We teach you how to attune with your inner self and with spirit.
    Spirit Guides and Angels – some of our teachers can help you discover your spiritual guides and mentors
    Psychic Dreams – we will help you to understand your dreams and gain insights into the potential future


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