Love and the Afterlife. Near Death Experiences Stories about love and light

One of the most common features of NDE’s is the incredible LOVE people find in the “light”. Regardless of what religion people may be, or what beliefs we may have had prior to the near death experience, the overwhelming sense of LOVE, light, connection and compassion to all things, seems to be an enduring lesson for all.

Another really exciting and inspiring thing many NDE survivors tell us?

That the sense of incredible love and connection continues……often for months, or even years after the experience itself. Here is a great example of an inspiring NDE from one of our favorite NDE sites – ( – well worth checking out if you love reading these as much as we do!

I was trying to resist that strong pull, trying to hold onto the walls of the tunnel. That is why I know the walls were smooth, as I did not have anything to grasp.

All my being and all my power was guided to resist that force. Yet, the force seemed to be stronger than I was. I knew that I was losing a battle.

In the end, I was s-o-o-o-o very tired that my grip got weaker and weaker until my energy was limp. I had nothing left in me to resist.

All of the sudden, that pulling force disappeared.

Then all I could feel was an eternal peace and love. The Love-enlightened feeling was overwhelming. It is still in me, even two years later. Another feeling was the notion that from now on, everything is going to be good. I woke up seeing people were looking over me. That is when I felt myself returning into my body very slowly, as if I was filling back into myself. In retrospect, I felt that all the Angels were there to help me to survive and be well. I did not see them, but I felt their presence.


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