Question: How can I find a legitimate psychic near me?

Do I need to travel to see an expensive medium far from home? Are all mediums, psychics and intuitive light workers the same? And if not…..WHY not?

What about price? How much does a good psychic medium cost? How can I find a genuine medium without spending my life savings? Can I really make contact with my loved ones who have crossed over with a medium reading… or is it always a long shot? And how much is a FAIR price to pay for an honest intuitive, psychic or gifted clairvoyant without getting “gouged” for big bucks?

Any of these questions sound familiar? If you are anything like the majority of people who enjoy our psychic and spiritual content and want to take the next step, learning to discern the difference between a genuine medium and someone who is just playing the role, is a pretty important life lesson we all learn along the way.

The good new is this: In just about every city, county, or town big and small…there are local meetups or community events you can find that are supportive of those of us on the spiritual path. Quite often, you’ll find some very talented mediums, psychics and low cost light workers to connect with, who can truly transform your life, and offer affordable spiritual services in a whole host of areas and expertise.

Most of these are free to join, and have free (or very low cost) events that are a great way to explore the ethereal realms, with other spiritual seekers who share your passion and purpose and may have gifts to offer…..that you’ll really benefit from as well.

Don’t forget about spiritual churches, as they are another way to get affordable readings from legitimate psychics in just about every major city in the US and around the globe. (Spiritual or Spiritist churches are run by mediums, or at least, quite often, the lead “clergy” are connecting with the other side as part of the service, and anyone in attendence can benefit from this practice)

What are YOUR favorite ways to find legitimate psychics near you?

Share with us on our facebook page, or visit our psychic directory here for a great list of mediums that are affordable, honest and quite impressive as well. (or leave us your favorite methods for finding psychics in the community comments below)


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