Psychic Medium Susanne Wilson discusses free will, reincarnation and why some people seem to live many lifetimes, while others don’t seem to have the same experience

My thoughts on Susanne’s thoughts?

This may sound unduly harsh, but I find much of her reasoning in this video a bit light -and am not all that convinced that she’s thinking deeply on the subject. (irrespective of her experience as a medium)

In my view – reincarnation, karma and the idea of consciousness itself (what may “reincarnate” from lifetime to lifetime) is much more heady of a topic than she offers, or might even understand – by dint of her statements here.

(edit: After listening to this a few more times…..I think her perspective on just about everything covered in 3 minutes is actually really, really silly! I hate saying that – but man does this sort of new age-y sounding afterlife embarrass me as someone who is genuinely interested in science and spiritual discovery)

Do you believe (like Susanne Wilson suggests above – that some souls get “bored” in the afterlife due to lack of activities 😉

(her version of an afterlife sounds more like day 8 of a 10 day cruise ship experience – rather than a spiritual realm to me!)

What do YOU believe about free will – and about past lives, karma and the idea of reincarnation?

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