Q: Am I a psychic medium? How do you know if you are hearing from spirit…..or just going nuts?

There are a lot of different signs that you are more intuitive and connected to spiritual realms than others. It doesn’t mean that you are crazy, if you have a strong sense that there is more to life than the body, or if you’ve had a series of unexplainable experiences with apparitions, or voices, or signs from spirit that FEEL more real than ordinary experience. Some really common things that happen to people who are likely to self identify as mediums?

Precognitive dreams are very common. So too are spirit visitation dreams, where a loved one who you’ve lost, and has crossed, appears to you in a hyper lucid way. (often with evidential information to share that you could NEVER know if it was just a dream)

how to talk to spirits
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For more tips from psychic medium and spiritual author Michael Martin on how to develop you own psychic abilities and communicate with spirit, download a free chapter of “How to Talk to Spirits” at the link, following the short excerpt below:

This book tells in detail how to prepare and go about everything step by step to communicate with your loved ones. Even a link to a great audio to listen to that may help you. All that is needed is belief in yourself! I’ve tried communicating with my father for years but didn’t know how to do it correctly. He had passed through me at his moment of death, but there was so much left unsaid. Once I started reading, I couldn’t put this book down! First try I contacted my Dad! It was beautiful and I know we’ll see each other again. I feel so happy to have found this book, or for it to have found me! It will be put to great use! Thank you!!!
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