Which Tyler Henry reading do you think is best? What celebrity would you LOVE to see Tyler Henry read next?

We get a ton of questions about Tyler Henry, and which readings we find are the most compelling evidence wise, that he is connecting with something beyond the physical realms. My own favorite readings are the ones he did for the Today show staff and celebrities alike – some of which are available online, and some of which aren’t. The Matt Lauer reading in particular was pretty powerful for me, simply because, Matt Lauer tends to be a bit less likely, in my view anyway…..do accept everything he hears in a mediumship reading as fact. (a problem I see in far too many readings is that people like to retrofit the reading to make sense, simply because we all WANT to believe so badly, that we make huge leaps of “faith” that the psychic or medium is getting something real)

I also like the reading Tyler did with Jenna Bush, too – as again, there was lots of super specific information that is hard to explain away as cold reading or merely just a good guess. (John Sally was another I liked – and Boy George, while skeptical, was a pretty good session as well)

Which Tyler Henry Reading do YOU like most?

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