Q:  What happens to people who commit suicide from a spiritual perspective?  Do they go to heaven?


Is there a “Hell” or special purgatory for people who take their own lives?

Do they have near death experiences, see the light and experience the same beauty and bliss that so many other people describe…..or, does their manner of death lead them to a darker place?

We’ve gotten a few questions about suicide over the last few days, and someone sent us a link to a “medium” named Erin Pavalina who appears to have just about ALL the answers anyone could possibly want to know about souls….suicide and the other side 😉

(and when I say has “ALL” the answers, I mean this completely facetiously – as she knows only what she THINKS she knows, and after reading some of the new age nonsense below, that probably means very little.

Here is the truth:  If anyone tells you EXACTLY what happens when we die, and what sort of afterlife YOU will experience, by dint of how you died, where you died, with whom you died, or any other completely irrelevant circumstances, I’d be very skeptical that they have any authentic truth to offer.

There are MILLIONS of people who have experienced some version of an afterlife – through near death experiences, out of body experiences, cosmic consciousness spiritually transformative experiences, or through deep meditation, seeing a loved one who has crossed, having a dream visitation experience, or otherwise.  There are literally far too many versions of what all of these people have seen on the “other side” for there to be any ONE real truth.  Sure, religion tells us one thing.  And each religion has a very different version of what that thing is.  (and religious depictions of the after life are VERY different, as a general rule, from what folks who die and are brought back….. report they experience)

So keep an open mind, but not so open that your brains fall out.

And if someone gives you this super detailed description of EXACTLY what happens, in deep detail, without any explanation on WHY those things happen, and how exactly he or she has learned these timeless truths in an EVIDENTIAL way (not “this is just what my guides tell me” which is a cop out explanation and NOT real evidence of anything at all) – just don’t put too much stock in what you hear, or seek out another opinion.  (because when it comes to the afterlife, there ARE in fact, many hundreds of opinions on offer, often times from very credible sounding sources)

I’ve read Erin Pavalina’s reviews – after this was forwarded to me earlier by a depressed person – and I have to say – she’s not someone we would recommend or trust.

But of course, that’s up to you to decide for yourself – read some of her thoughts on suicide and the afterlife below and if it resonates – read more articles at her blog below.  (but do note I find much of her words and videos pretty silly – and this is not the type of genuine evidential mediumship we refer our readers to for sure)

 let’s switch gears for a moment and discuss what happens when you cross over after a suicide. You leave your body and one of two things happens. First, you may immediately regret what you’ve done, and you find yourself in a state of shame and/or guilt, two of the lowest levels of consciousness you can be in. In this state you’re not even capable of helping yourself let alone fixing up the lives of the people you left behind. What I’ve seen on the other side is that people in this situation tend not to cross over fully, fearing judgment for what they’ve done. In truth, there is no need to judge yourself so harshly, but if you find yourself in this state it’s really difficult not to be hard on yourself. Angels come and try to help you to cross over. They do this by helping you feel the love of Source or God. If that doesn’t get through to you, they’ll gently help you raise your energy so you can feel it. Some people are so stuck in their low vibration state, however, that it can take what amounts to years to fully cross over. See the movie, What Dreams May Come, for more on this concept which the movie covered extremely well.

Not everyone who suicides sinks down into shame and guilt. Sometimes people do get to the other side and realize that although there are consequences to their suicide they can deal with them. These people are able to maintain a fairly high state of awareness and get busy working with the guides to fill the vacancy they’ve left behind. Threads need to be rewoven into the tapestry of life. New encounters need to take place. New events in the maze of life need to be created. What happens is that you will work with the guides of the people whose lives you were meant to touch in a significant way to make sure these people are still able to learn their own lessons and live their own purposes without your presence. Once you complete this process (which could take a while depending on many factors) you are free of the karma you attracted by suiciding and are released to the “after life.”



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