What are psychic dreams? Why do spirits appear so often in some dreams…..(and to some people) but not in others?

Are spiritual dreams symbolic, or are they literally true? What is the difference between a hyper active imagination, and a real “sign” from the spiritual realms? How can I enhance, extend or improve my own intuition to have more extraordinary experiences with the ethereal realms?

And what can all of us do to get more connected with the invisible magic, mystery and meaning embedded in every day life?

Today I had a short conversation with Pamela Cummins, who has a passion for dream interpretation, and who uses the many spiritual signs, symbols and their significance to guide her own life, and to help her clients as well. Pamela has written several books, and has created several courses on enhancing intuition, working with dreams and other spiritual growth tools and techniques and was kind enough to allow me to record our conversation.

To learn more about Pamela, be sure to check out both of her websites below:

And……if you are passionate about learning to enhance, expand and grow your OWN intuition, develop practical spiritual superpowers and increase your own connection to the ethereal realms?

Good news!

You’ve asked….and we are happy to announce a brand new online community of COURSES, teachers and professional grade training in psychic development, spiritual growth, mindfulness, meditation and all sorts of other cool, creative spiritual strategies to TRANSFORM your life!

I have some GREAT upcoming interviews to share – and a whole bunch of exciting spiritual development courses for SMART people coming later this month that I know you are going to love. (none of that super silly, superficial “spiritual” sounding stuff that’s destined to disappoint – rather, REAL tools and techniques you can use in your own life, right now – to transform your sense of personal passion, purpose and power in everyday situations)

So stay tuned! If you are a spiritual seeker, an ethereal explorer, or are a luminous light-worker already, we’ve got a lot of inspiring content, courses and professional training coming from some of the leading “light-workers” authors and spiritual teachers in the world…..and we’re really excited to share!


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