What does a near death experience feel like?

Does everyone see or hear or speak to spirits? Does everyone see the “light”? Does everyone talk to god, or have a religious experience of one kind or another…..OR, does it vary from person to person?

Here is an interesting collection of NDE stories that are NOT all uniform. There are some that experienced nothing, some that experienced something hard to define, and others who had the experience of a lifetime 🙂 (no pun intended!)

What about you? Have you had an NDE? And if so…what was it like? Share with us on our facebook page, or in the community comments below.

Next, I remember seeing something like a plasma of colors all around me, with a very strange visual perspective. It first looked like liquid clouds, something like the telescope pictures of galaxies, with colors melting into each other, neither far, nor near, and all around me and “through” me, in a pan-vision. I thought that was so beautiful! I felt a certain lift all over, like my body was a huge lung and it just inhaled and disappeared, and suddenly, an instant release from what now I constantly feel– gravity. It felt like being rising up, with a definite sense of direction, and inhaling and expanding. I tried to look at myself, but I was not there! That shocked me, but did not scare me. Also, I did not feel alone, there were “others” whom I could not see, but only knew that they were there because they “talked” to me. It was as if they were encouraging and welcoming me. I felt this infinite vastness, but also the absence of time, like everything was collapsed into a zero and happened at the same time. The last thing I remember is wanting to be somewhere else and being instantly there, and that surprised me and delighted me. I was so infinitely happy 🙂



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