Matt Fraser is a Boston, Mass based psychic medium that we’ve gotten a lot of questions about over the last few weeks

One of the things that appears to be so special about Matt is his incredible specificity. He is not vague with the information he offers us during a reading, and that is evident in both his group events, live appearances and we’d assume, his private readings as well.

Most mediums I’ve seen, even some of the best known “celebrity” psychics, are often very hard to pin down when it comes to actual evidence, that they are getting information from a “spiritual” source, rather than a very conventional, ordinary one. (and unfortunately, I can honestly say, this applies to some of the best known mediums in the world as well – many of whom we’ve seen in small group or private settings)

Matt Fraser seems to be an exception to this rule, and while he’s not one of the most famous mediums in the world, he’s certainly one of the most impressive I’ve seen recently, and in our opinion, he deserves a lot of the attention he’s been getting as well.

Have you had a private appointment with Matt Fraser?

If so….share your experience with us on our Facebook page, or in the community comments below!


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