Here is an interesting look at near death experiences through a Jewish perspective – or, I should say…..from one Rabbi’s very religious perspective! It’s an interesting story, as when the NDE occured, this man was NOT religious, not a believer, and describes himself (at the time) as completely atheistic. After his NDE, he becomes transformed by the experience, and dedicates his life to Jewish theology, becoming a Rabbi as you can see in the video.

Super religious NDE’s always make me a bit uncomfortable about what I’m seeing. (I happen to be Jewish as well – so it’s certaintly not the religious nature of this particular experience that brings up these feelings for me) I’m just not sure, with so many OTHER near death experience stories that have almost a universality to their spirituality, and sort of dismiss a lot of the religious dogma that separates religions, I find people who find on truth or another in religious texts to be most likely, only seeing what they believed deep down to be true. (and less likely to be the ONE truth the vast majority of NDE’rs seem to describe)

Or, maybe that’s just me. What do YOU believe about religious Near Death Experiences?


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