Do I Have a Spirit Guide? How to Know Your Guardian Angels are Around

How do you know if I have a spirit guide?  Do I have a guardian angel?  Are angels friends or family members who have passed on, or are they spiritual strangers that we don’t yet know?  And how much of ANY of this is really true, anyway?  What is the PROOF that there is truth, to people who talk about angels, guides and personal protectors in the ethereal realms?

Here is what we believe is the very BEST evidence that spirit guides are real “things” and that each of us, in ways we may not be able to truly measure, truly have help from on high nudging us forward, even when we feel totally alone.
Millions of people who have had near death experiences report seeing angels, guides, healers and heavenly helpers during their experience.
Many, get the same help (from the same guides and light workers) AFTER the experience as well, with continous contact for days, weeks or even YEARS after having an NDE or spiritually transformative experience.

One of the most common features of an NDE or out of body experience or spiritually transformative experience of ANY kind?
Being greeted by, helped or healed by an ethereal figure who offers words of wisdom and great guidance in our time of highest need.
Of course, there is much we don’t yet know about spirit guides, life after death, and what all of this really means.  

I think it’s fair to say though – that as crazy as it may seem to want to believe that angels are true or real, there is much more evidence that they ARE there, than many skeptics want to believe.

In this video Danielle MacKinnon talks about what she believes guardian angels REALLY are, and how any of us can get in touch with our own, through this process

What do YOU believe? Do you agree with Danielle, or do you have a different perspective on how angels, guides and karma really work in our lives, in every day ways? Share with us on facebook, or in the community comments below.


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