What is it like to get a private reading with Theresa Caputo? Is she more accurate when the TV cameras are turned off, or is she only “on” when the lights are on, too? What about her “Live Experience” events? Are they as good as advertised, or can they be doomed to disappoint, EVEN for Long Island Medium fans and followers.

There has been a lot of controversy over the last year or so about Theresa Caputo’s private appointments, her live events, and some questions about how much (or if at all) her readings are staged or pre-prepared. While we’ve seen Theresa Caputo in several different formats over the years and have always found her style to be entertaining, my own belief is that she is an excellent performer, and entertainer, rather than a world class medium. (I do think she has a gift – both for gab, and for relating to people in a fun and friendly way, and I do believe she is authentic in many other ways as well, but she’s NOT the most evidential medium for my money – if I had to choose one)

Here is a short article that has gotten a lot of attention about a Long Island reporter who did a story on Theresa Caputo that included attending and detailing one of her live events. Her article is not very flattering – and she comes away thinking that Theresa is not all that impressive as a psychic medium overall. What do YOU think? Do you think Theresa Caputo is as good as advertised, or are there other mediums you’ve seen that are far more convincing? Share your thoughts in the community comments below!

Caputo asked a well-dressed woman wearing a pink button-down blouse how she could connect with the color mauve. She told the audience that she was seeing a woman in a mauve-colored suit or jacket. The woman nodded, saying that her mother had been an executive secretary. She was sure, she said, that she must have had a mauve suit at some point. But she wasn’t sure.

It didn’t seem certain that the mother’s fashion sense matched that of her daughter.

Caputo moved on, peppering the audience with questions like, “Why am I connecting with a mother figure over here?” and “How does the number three connect?”

Hands shot up all over the theater and Caputo made busy work climbing the steep aisle ramps in her stiletto heels. Her husband Larry, easy to spot as a frequent co-star on her show Long Island Medium, lurked along the edges of the crowd, moving around.

Continue reading about the Theresa Caputo event experience here.


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