Q: What is the easiest way to learn how to communicate with spirit? Does one need to be born a medium, or have tremendous psychic gifts to be able to channel spirits from the other side? What sorts of exercises work best for connecting with our loved ones who have already crossed? Are there any shortcuts for being able to talk to the other side, or do we need a real medium to have any chance at success?

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A: There is a lot of information and advice out there for connecting with the other side. Some of that advice is credible and believable, and based on years of experience and expertise. Other advice is silly and salesly and is out and out spiritual silliness at best – and at worst, the byproduct of fake or imposter “psychics” who just have something to sell to those in need.

The fact is, tens of millions of people have spontaneous psychic and spiritual experiences each and every year. some of those experiences involve ADC’s or after death communikcation experiences that happen completely unexpectedly, and have nothing to do with psychic or mediumship at all. (they just HAPPEN, at various times of the day, very extraordinary events appearing the in the lives of very ORDINARY people, who have nothing to gain other than the hope, healing and comfort these experiences can offer)

With that said, there ARE many ways you can improve or increase your own psychic abilities, and most of them involve meditation to one degree or another. There is a great quote we love that says something like – “spiritual experience is an accident, but meditation makes us accident prone”

Here is a good book on Amazon for some simple psychic development techniques that work wonderfully well for both beginning and advanced meditators, and can give you personal PROOF that many of these spiritual experiences are really genuinely possible as well.

You can also watch the video above with Bob Olson, from AfterlifeTV Р on some interesting ways to experiment with meditation for connecting with loved ones in spirit, no medium required!



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