Think us Jersey Shore types don’t believe in psychics or spiritual stuff? Think again! ( I say this overlooking the Atlantic City coastline on a beautiful August afternoon 🙂 It’s no secret that Tyler Henry is the psychic medium du jour of 2016, and he’s truly impressing believers, skeptics, and the curious but not yet convinced all over the world. His sincere and even skeptical style is refreshing, inspiring and quite different than many other mediums whose presentations are full of new age sounding words and even some spiritual silliness that sounds too good to be true. (usually, in our view, because it is)

Tyler Henry, while still doing the incredible, remains incredibly CREDIBLE in the process – never seeming to know things in a dogmatic or stubborn way – and always seeming to be open to where the information, or inspiration takes him.

Here is a reading he does with Snookie – a reading she has since discussed many times in public as being incredibly important to her personal growth in the past year.

For more Tyler Henry appointments, readings, and events, check his social media updates below!


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