Rebecca Rosen interviewed on her experiences as a psychic medium and spiritual teacher.

“Nightline” sat in the other day on a session between Rosen and two of her regular clients, Shelly and Michael Elick. Our purpose was not to debunk or defend what Rosen does but to see what it is to believe in an invisible world that is trying to make contact.

“I’m going to say a protection prayer to make sure it’s good energy coming through,” Rosen said. This is how she always starts. And then, within seconds, in a matter-of-fact way, Rebecca began to relay messages from beyond.

The Elicks didn’t say much, because why talk when the dead are speaking, especially when they seem to know what they’re talking about?

“I’m supposed to bring up the ring,” Rosen said. “Did you recently give her a new ring?”

“Yeah,” said Shelly Elick, with a laugh.

“Oh Lord,” said Michael Elick.

“Your father inspired him to do that,” Rosen told Shelly. “[Your father] is more or less saying good work, he’s patting you on the back. You will look at [the ring] differently now. That is your father’s love and your husband’s love.” more about ABC news interview with Rebecca Rosen


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