Are online psychic readings legitimate? Who are the best psychic mediums to call by phone? What is the difference between an online psychic reading or phone network, vs a local psychic, medium or spiritual teacher in YOUR community?

We get a lot of questions about picking the right psychic reader for the right set of circumstances and the truth is, online readings DO have a time, place and purpose if you need inspirational or intuitive advice.

A good, inexpensive psychic service SHOULD meet some pretty simple standards.

1 – They DO have a screening process for selecting psychics, mediums and spiritual coaches.
2 – They are transparent about what that process is. (Psychic Source, as featured above, does in fact publish those standards)
3 – They offer a good money back guarantee (if you aren’t blown away, you shouldn’t have to pay!)
4 – They don’t make outrageous claims about what their readers can or cannot do. (no psychic spells, no curses, or other scammy silliness)
5 – They have a professional and reliable technology platform. (no AOL messenger from 1999 like some services still seem to use – good grief ! 🙂
6 – They offer a try before you buy feature, or really low cost trial readings so you can get comfortable with a psychic before you invest your income, or your emotional energy with someone you don’t quite connect with.
7 – They have good reviews, and an enthusiastic (and ongoing) community of fans, friends and followers who have been around for the while, supporting the service and speak well (and honestly) about their experiences (Psychic Source, who are one of our site sponsors, have been around for 25 + years, and we do recommend them if you are curious but not yet convinced)

Want a really GOOD psychic reading by phone? Check out Psychic Source here. Do you have your own favorites? Share with us by email, or in the community comments below!


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