What really happens to us when we die? Will I go to heaven? Is there such a thing as an afterlife? What EVIDENCE is there that life after death is true? Can we ever know, or is it all just a mystery until we get to the place and space to know for ourselves?

Someone sent a few videos to our Facebook page earlier today with very contrasting ideas about life after death.

In the first, Bill Nye (the science guy 🙂 makes what he believes to be a compelling case for why there is no such thing as ghosts, an afterlife or any evidence for spiritual beings at all.

In the second, Dr. Martha Atkins explores ideas around near death experiences, death bed visions, and her personal experiences with family members who have had extraordinary spiritual adventures around and approaching the moment of death. (like millions of others of us have had as well)

The funny thing, of course, is to hear Bill Nye tell it, there is NO evidence “at all” (in his words) for ghosts or an afterlife or any sort of experience that seems to suggest human beings are more than our bodies. I have to admit….while I AM a fan of Bill Nye and his science education shows, I really can’t believe HE believes there is “no evidence” for any of the things he seems so eager to discount…..as some surveys show that about HALF of the US population has had some sort of direct experience with some sort of phenomena that suggests an afterlife. (Either an After Death Experience, a NDE, a psychic or precognitive experience that seems to suggest time and space don’t operate the way we are taught, etc)

Most “ghost” experiences are NOT a weird “bump in the night” or a strange sound like Bill Nye seems to think – but rather, direct experiences (many are visual) and FAR more compelling thann the sort of cartoon variety he explains away in this video.

Dr. Martha Atkins, on the other hand, has done a deep dive into all of the experiences around end of life that DO seem to suggest our consciousness continues – in both her TED talk, her other writings and the video you can watch above.

What do you believe is more persuasive – the skeptics and cynics who think all “paranormal” experiences are akin to an easily explained away bump in the night – or the the magic and majesty of the mystery, and meaning that many of us experience everyday? (i think you know what we believe already 😉


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