Who are the best psychics, mediums, spiritual teachers and inspiring intuitive coaches working in the world today? We manage a bunch of different psychic communities, a directory of famous psychics and mediums, and a newsletter of over 10 thousand spiritual seekers, psychic junkies and ethereal explorers and adventurers….and invariably, at least once per week, someone says – “who do YOU believe is the BEST psychic medium in the world today?”

The truth is, there is no one answer.

We have experienced the magic, mystery and spiritual surprise of seeing a totally unknown, and completely MODEST medium totally “crush it” when it comes to a spontaneous reading that amazes a room. (both big ones, and small ones alike)

We’ve also experienced the dubious disappointment of seeing a FAMOUS “celebrity” psychic medium who is sneaky, slippery and not any more psychic or intuitive than my very skeptical next door neighbor Steve 🙂 There is often very little relationship between how well known someone is, which is a function of MARKETING, rather than genuine mediumship, and how good, accurate, authentic, inspiring and intuitively aware a spiritual professional is.

So we have created a brand new video series featuring some of the psychics and mediums WE believe are the very best in the world in 2016, or at least, are the most interesting and inspiring to us. Some of the mediums we’ll feature here we know personally by dint of our work in the psychic community, and others, we dont’ know or know well, but we find truly impressive and inspiring and think you ought to know about.

But more importantly, who do YOU believe are the best psychics or mediums in the world in 2016? Or, do you have a favorite that may no longer be working……or no longer living, but you think ought to be included? Send us an email (suddenlypsychic (AT) gmail.com) or leave us a comment on our Facebook page on who YOU think are the most exciting, interesting or inspiring psychics, mediums or spiritual teachers in the world!

In this post, we’ll be featuring author, playwright, spiritual channel and psychic medium, Paul Selig...whose words, wisdom and books have been high on our short list of spiritual favorites over the last few years. Paul also speaks, lecturers and channels his guides in live sessions around the globe for thousands of fans, friends and followers so that you can SEE his process live and make up your own mind. (something far too many spiritual teachers fail to do 🙂

We’ll also be featuring psychic medium Gordon Smith in this series, as if I was going to recommend ONE psychic medium reading to a skeptic or cynic who was doubtful that this stuff is real, it would probably be “The Psychic Barber” Gordon Smith.

The psychic medium who we hear most often cited as being the most respected by her professional peers? I would say right now, that would be Rev. Janet Nohavec, whose honesty, authenticity and sense of spiritual service shines through her words, work and wisdom…everytime we’ve heard her speak.


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